FAQs Regarding Embroidery & Screen Printing

  • Pricing is based on Quantity. The more garments you buy, the less the cost is.  The cost of the item is for minimum of 12 pieces, and one embroidered logo (5,000 stitches maximum) is included in this price.  There is no minimum for embroidery monogramming (you may order one shirt).  There is a 12 piece minimum for screen printing.  Contact us for screen printing pricing.
  • Embroidery Pricing is based on the number of stitches in the logo, size of the design, and the quantity of garments that is ordered.  Remember, you can order six shirts but the price is lowered when you order more shirts.  There is no additional charge for the number of colors unless there are more than fifteen colors in the design.
  • Screen Printing Pricing is based on the style and color of the garment, number of print locations, number of colors in the design and the quantity that is ordered.  For more information on the costs involved when ordering screen printed T-shirts see How to order T-Shirts.
  • Embroidery Set-up Fees are based on whether you use stock lettering or designs or have a custom logo digitized (custom artwork translated into stitch format).
    Stock Embroidery Lettering/ Design Pricing usually ranges from $10.00 to $50.00 for large designs.  Most left chest logos (heart placement) are $15.00 to $25.00.
  • Custom Design Pricing is based on the size and complexity of the design.  Your artwork needs to be digitized (translated into stitch format so it can be sewn out by an embroidery machine).  The cost for most left chest designs is $35.00 to $75.00.  Large designs are more expensive.  Digitizing is a one time fee.  We will keep your digitized design on file so that we have it when you reorder.  To find more information about the “process of digitizing a logo” see What Is Embroidery Digitizing.

Screen Printing Set-Up Fees are based on how many colors there are in each design that is to be printed.  A “screen” must be made for each color in each design.  For example, if you need a 2-color print, there is 2 x $20.00 screen charge.  If you reorder a design that we have previously printed, there is a $5.00 per screen “reclaim” charge.

Acceptable Formats are:

  • Corel Draw v12.cdr
  • Adobe Photoshop v6.PSD
  • jpg, gif, bmp, tiff files
  • Illustrator .ai
  • Adobe Acrobat .PDF

Vector art is usually best for most designs.  We request that you convert all objects to curves/ paths before sending your artwork. If your artwork is in ready for printing (doesn’t need editing) then we won’t charge you an artwork fee. Major changes will require an artwork editing fee of $25.00 per artwork. Artwork charges are a one time fee.

We stock a wide range of thread and ink colors.  If you need a specific PMS (Pantone Matching System) color there is an additional charge for this.  When sending artwork  to us, it is best to include a list describing what colors are used in what locations.

We will be happy to design a logo for you that can be used in a variety of formats including embroidery, screen printing, digital printing and web images.  For more information see Logo Design.  We offer a free logo design review.  For more information about this service see Logo design review.

We need you to approve your designs before we continue with your order.  We will either email, mail or fax a proof to you depending on which method you prefer.   If you place a reorder that doesn’t require any changes, then you will not be required to approve a proof.

We keep all designs and artwork on file.  If you make changes to an existing design there may be added charges.  Reorders for embroidery will not require a set-up fee.  Reorders for screen printing will require a screen reclaim fee of $5.00 per screen.

Cotton items can shrink up to 10% of the garment size depending on how they are laundered.  Please remember that when in doubt, it is safer to order a larger size than a smaller one.  With large groups we suggest that you gather a list of the required sizes.  If this isn’t possible, we’ll be happy to suggest what sizes you’ll need depending on your group.  Click on sizing information for specific size information.

  • We can embroider a sample garment.  You will be charged the normal set-up fee for one piece embroidery pricing and garment fee plus shipping charges.  We can also embroider a sample on felt and you will be charged the normal set-up fee and $10.00 for the sew-out plus shipping charges. We can also e-mail you a stitched logo.
  • Screen Printing samples can not be printed due to the set-up charges involved but we will be happy to show you a proof (computer generated image) of what your design will look like.
  • If you are unsure about sizing for a large group we recommend that you order sample blanks (undecorated items) in different sizes so that group members can choose the best size.

FAQs Regarding Best of WindsorShirts

We will be happy to give you a quote free of charge.  Just contact us and we will tell you what the cost will be.

We accept Pay Pal, Visa, and Master Card All payments are made through Pay Pal’s secure site. See our Pricing & Payment page for more information.

Most orders ship within five to ten days after your artwork has been approved.  We will email you when your order has been sent and we will include a tracking number so you can track your package.

Decorated items are not returnable.  If you are not completely satisfied with your order, please contact us and we will do everything we can to satisfy you. 

  • If you are uncertain about whether to choose embroidery or screen printing we can help you make the right decision.  Embroidery has a higher perceived value and it conveys a more professional look.  Embroidery is recommended for use on hats, Jackets, dress shirts, denim and golf shirts.  T-shirts can be embroidered if the design isn’t too large.  Screen Printing is great for tee shirts, sweats and athletic bags.  Full front designs are just as cost effective as small designs and you can have lots of small text.  Screen printed tees are great for group sponsored events because you can thank supporters by listing sponsors on the back of the tees.  
  • Embroidery isn’t necessarily more expensive than screen printing.  If you have a design that has three or more colors, embroidery may be more cost effective than screen printing when you only need a small number of items (under 36).  If you are ordering a large number of garments then screen printing is more cost effective.

Monogramming is the process where initials are embroidered on a garment, bag, towel, linen or shower curtain.  There are many possible monogram locations and styles.  Contact us for available monogram styles.